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Copyright Saint Charbel BaakafraCharbel was born in the highest village of Lebanon and the east. This 300 year old house has calin walls covered with clay and the ceiling that is made of mud and hay, supported by wood. The facade of the house is made of dark stone, the door is low and the windows are small and narrow to keep snow and cold from penetrating the house during cold winter nights. The ceiling has become blacken from the fire of the chimney, the smoke of the lantern and the impact of time.

Charbel's house from its high location overlooks a holy and blessed valley: 

- The Cedars of Lebanon to which people pray, they were saint saying: "May you Cedars intercede for us".

- The Qadisha cave that contains the holy water floating from the roots of the Cedars.

- The sacred valley of Qadish where the monks aand hermits let their lives of sanctity.

- The old monastery of St Elicha' borrowed in the mountain, as well as the hermitages and the caves surrounding it.

- Churches scattered in surroinding villages and rising like a halo of holiness.Copyright Saint Charbel BaakafraCopyright Saint Charbel Baakafra